Friday, February 14, 2014

Wine Box Swap

My swap partner was the Always Amazing Corinne!  I began creating her box with trepidation and nervousness hoping to live up to the high quality of work I've seen created by Corinne. I can only hope I succeeded and she liked her wine box.

I was very. Pleased to receive all the goodies in my box, so many in fact I felt I had really short changed my partner.  Please enjoy with me all the great gifts I received. Thank you so much Corinne, the possibilities are endless!

How about this AMAZING card!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Little Black Book

Happy Birthday Rio,
 Daughter of the Fabulous Ms. Betty Queen of Digis. 

This image created by Abigail  Larson is just beautiful.  As I began to color, the image of a girl in her closet surrounded by pairs of shoes or dresses looking for the perfect one to wear kept coming into my head.  Every girl needs a little black dress,so I thought for Sweet 16 Rio, she would need a Little Black Book.  Every girl has her favorite book.  The one that she can read over and over again and still love, but, it doesn't stop her from collecting others.  Have a great day Rio, always read, always wonder.

Thank you for stopping by, please head on over to Emily's blog, next on the list!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Red for RedHeart Day

These are my Texas Beauties in their Red For Red Heart Day!

3D Letters my favorite things to make

These make the best most personalized gifts!
I made these using SVGCUTS 3D Letters File and different Cricut cartridges. They can be challenging but they turn out beautifully!