Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tea Party

These are some pictures from our 5th Annual Girls Tea Party.
My Mom and I started this a few years back as a way of teaching our girls feminine grace and etiquette. We have a botanical lesson, a poetry reading, Bible scriptures, etiquette lesson and a craft. We have taught table setting, crochet, hygiene, phone etiquette, scrapbooking and this time we made Artist Trading Cards. The girls loved the mini craft and the trading at the end so we all had one of each card. There is always tons of food, to include the chocolate fountain, which burned out this year. Of course there is TEA, hot and cold. It's just another great opportunity for our family and friends to come together and celebrate each, life and being women, phenomenal women. We hope to continue this tradition and each year invite new people.
Thanks everyone for coming.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ruthie's Card

She was so happy to be getting out of there we made this card. Ruthie is not a crafter but I think it came out cute and the staff loved it.

Ruthie's General Hospital

This my Best Friend Ruth Peoples, and her Doctor, not her son, Dr. Washington. She means the world to me. She recently underwent a major back surgery where titanium screws the size of my pinky finger were removed from her spine. This will hopefully relieve her pain and problems walking. It was supposed to be a quick procedure with a short stay in the hospital. Well Ruthie wouldn't have that. She developes some complications and has to go back in to surgery to fix it. Instead of a two day stay she was there almost two weeks. I was so grateful the hospital had a guest bed, but after a few nights you know it's only meant for a short stay. Please keep her in your prayers because we love her pieces and want her up and running soon.


Okay here are my Trinchies. They are three inch square works of art. Mine are very simple which is my style. I added stickles to give the images a bit more sparkle. I like them and hope you do too. The themes are Baby, Spring, Birthday, Wedding, Nature, Animals, Food, Christmas, and St.Patty's day. For the swap we had to make five of each theme.