Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Betty Roberts

Today is Betty Roberts 40th Birthday!!! 

YES the BIG 40so we thought we would make it as special as we possibly can! The Awesome Rachel Sharp us up an image to use for Betty's Birthday!!A whole bunch of AMAZING, SUPER TALENTED ladies have done some UNBELIEVABLE projects for you to see, they have all been mailed out to Betty so she should get some AMAZING mail...but we thought you would all like to see these FANTASTIC projects..

My colors were inspired by Ms Betty's love of all things Halloween. Since we live a couple hours apart, I was able to spend the day with the Queen of Halloween herself a couple of months ago.  Of course she was setting up already, and there were frights already in store, but the cutest thing she showed me, be sides the kids, were her colorful Halloween dreadlocks she was planning on wearing.  I was taken aback and we had a great laugh. So in an ode the multicolored dreads I saw, below is my Fabulous 40 Betty.  Happy Birthday Diva, Welcome to 40.

Now head on over to Sharette's blog, because she created something AWESOME!" target="_blank">Corinne
also has wonderful cards by Leanne, Cynthia Cole, April, Cat, Dena" target="_blank">Rachel" target="_blank">Tanya" target="_blank">Lucy" target="_blank">Irene" target="_blank">Anne" target="_blank">Emily" target="_blank">Lisa H." target="_blank">Patricia" target="_blank">Anita" target="_blank">Rita…/happy-birthday-betty.html" target="_blank">Dorinda" target="_blank">Marie" target="_blank">Louise" target="_blank">Jackie Rakoski" target="_blank">Stephanie" target="_blank">Katya" target="_blank">Vicky" target="_blank">Darcy" target="_blank">Melissa D" target="_blank">Sian H" target="_blank">Robin" target="_blank">Ashley" target="_blank">Jackie Randolph" target="_blank">Michelle" target="_blank">Ruza…/happy-40th-birthday-bett…" target="_blank">Andrea" target="_blank">Chris S" target="_blank">Lisa N." target="_blank">Kitty" target="_blank">Nia" target="_blank">Sharette" target="_blank">Sam" target="_blank">Julie R." target="_blank">Lizzy" target="_blank">Rebecca" target="_blank">Bridgette" target="_blank">Sharman" target="_blank">Regan" target="_blank">Jackie Maunder" target="_blank">Fernanda" target="_blank">Helen" target="_blank">Jo Walker" target="_blank">Tanja" target="_blank">Kay" target="_blank">Celina" target="_blank">Bettina" target="_blank">Wendy" target="_blank">Rhonda Miller" target="_blank">Elisabete" target="_blank">Erin" target="_blank">Jill" target="_blank">Jo McKelvey" target="_blank">Kerrie" target="_blank">Sharon B" target="_blank">Holly Hughes" target="_blank">Floss" target="_blank">Olivia" target="_blank">Rochelle" target="_blank">Leadonna" target="_blank">Lady B

Friday, February 14, 2014

Wine Box Swap

My swap partner was the Always Amazing Corinne!  I began creating her box with trepidation and nervousness hoping to live up to the high quality of work I've seen created by Corinne. I can only hope I succeeded and she liked her wine box.

I was very. Pleased to receive all the goodies in my box, so many in fact I felt I had really short changed my partner.  Please enjoy with me all the great gifts I received. Thank you so much Corinne, the possibilities are endless!

How about this AMAZING card!